Asthma law, new opioid threat, motor vehicle deaths & more

Illinois schools adapting to new 'asthma emergency' law

School personnel across Illinois are adapting to a new state law that requires districts to have an emergency protocol to deal with asthma emergencies. Read more in the QCTimes.

New drug, 8-times stronger than heroin, available online

As the heroin epidemic continues to spread, officials in Williamson County are monitoring the use of an opioid they say was recently introduced in the area and poses a higher threat of overdose. The Southern Illinoisan has more.

In Illinois and nation, more cars on the road and more motor vehicle deaths: report

Motor vehicle deaths have shot up in Illinois and across the nation for the second year in a row, and a national safety organization blames the ongoing plague of speeding and drunken and distracted driving, combined with the presence of more cars on the road. Here's more from the Chicago Tribune.

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“Reckless convoy:” Suspects sought after 5 vehicles stolen in Illinois, chase reaching 115mph on I-94
Illinois summer police camp for teens taking applications

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